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Lakeshore Concepts specializes in the design and development of dynamic, commercial-grade websites and ecommerce business solutions. We'll help identify key features your site should leverage to maximize selling opportunities and optimize your visitors' experience. Whether you're looking for simple, brochure-like presentations or highly complex, database-driven applications, we'll make sure that your site functions optimally to influence visitors toward your desired outcome.

"Based upon our experience, I would highly recommend Lakeshore Concepts services to any company looking to make a positive impression on their customers. We were looking for a company with a proven track record for personalized customer service and a strong reputation for high-quality website design at a reasonable cost. We certainly found what we were looking for."

Jeffrey Stuepfert
President, Red Rock Financial, Inc.


Every second counts so graphic design is key. Because it’s nearly impossible to repair a bad first impression, graphic design is crucial. Make no mistake, your firm will be credentialed by how your site looks and operates.

According to Forrester Research, a leading market research company, visitors decide in the first four seconds whether to stay or leave a website. That's why we push to make our designs impressive, engaging and enabling as visitors search for information.


Easy site acquisition is critical. That's why we build websites that search engines love. Search engines represent the single most important source of new website visitors. Yet, most websites are invisible to search engines. In other words, they are built in such a way that search engines cannot see the information that they need in order to index the site properly. We build websites that search engines love to increase client visibility and accessibility on the Internet.


Dynamic Programming—We employ some of the industry's finest Internet programmers. We've logged thousands of hours designing complex database systems, corporate ecommerce solutions, custom content management modules, data-driven Flash portals, dynamic video players and even web-based video games! We're experts in:

ASP.NET – Robust web application framework by Microsoft
PHP – Open source programming platform/architecture
SQL – Scalable relational database technology
AJAX – Hybrid programming for increased responsiveness and interactivity
JavaScript – Client-side scripting language
XML / XSLT – Facilitates data sharing across various information systems
XHTML – Strict standards-based guidelines conforming to XML syntax
CSS – Cascading Style Sheets to manage all styles and formatting
Flash / ActionScript – Visual effects and database interface design
eCommerce – Custom designed shopping cart functionality



We're recognized time and again as one of the nation's leading website design and development firms. Some speak of form and function in their work, but we're known coast-to-coast for it, characterized by service excellence and innovation. We provide distinctive design, creativity, and expert programming in every project.

Visit our portfolio and you'll see a small cross section of our clients, projects and industries. From Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, we provide website solutions for companies of all sizes. If your industry is not represented, please contact us. A project manager will promptly forward additional references.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Services—Our flexible and feature-packed web hosting plans provide the power you need to easily launch your website. Our plans include robust email and site management tools, reliable 24/7 customer support and a secure Web hosting environment you can trust.

We also employ an expert staff of website content managers. Each manager is specifically dedicated to a handful of accounts and responsible for all site modifications and content updates. By utilizing our content management services, clients pay only a fraction of the cost typically spent on full-time, in-house IT support, but benefit from the expertise of our entire staff.


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